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Ottawa’s most renowned Arabic DJ and producer Antoine Azzi, was born in Ashrafiyeh in the heart of cultural Lebanon. Following a move to Canada at an early age, Tonee’s passion for music intensified throughout his childhood in the nation’s capital. He experimented with the “derbakeh” early in his youth, exploring the infinite ways he could add Middle Eastern beats to his music. These different musical innovations led to his first DJ gigs across Ottawa and Montreal. Every show proved to be successful, as his popularity rose in both the cities and he became increasingly more in demand. In 2002 and 2003, he released two albums, “Digital Heaven” & “Digital Dreams” respectively: they proved that DJ Tonee was fated for far more than his signature club sets and remixes that had cemented him as Ottawa’s foremost Arabic DJ & producer. Shortly after, and using his education and experience he found his new sound and engineering company Interlace Sounds Inc. The company produces the concerts that highlight both his work and his new artist showcases. DJ Tonee extends his services to provide Arabic and English DJ services in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, New York and other cities in Canada and the US.